Vacuum the interior of your vehicle.


A quick, efficient service to clean and brighten up interior vinyl trim including dash board, door panels, cup holders and console.


Our complete interior services includes completely cleaning and detailing the interior of your vehicle. All nooks and crannies are cleaned to perfection - including the pockets, pedals, buttons, handles, A/C vents, storage areas, headliner, etc.

Services include:

  • Interior air purged under and between seats
  • Vinyl, leather and trim are cleaned
  • Dashboard, consoles, door panels, rear deck or cargo area and trunk are thoroughly cleaned
  • Carpet and upholstery are pre-spotted, gently scrubbed and shampooed with heated extractor
  • Windows, mirrors, chrome trim and gauges are cleaned
  • Fragrances upon request

Headlight Restoration

This colorless and odorless protector guards against protein spill stains. It forms an invisible barrier around each fiber, so spills cannot leave a stain.

Having fabric protection applied to new or newly cleaned carpets and upholstery will help keep interior clean longer and make spill clean-up much quicker and easier.